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Copyright is a federal law of the United States that protects original works of authorship. A work of authorship includes literary, written, dramatic, artistic, musical and certain other types of works.
Copyright attaches as soon as the original work is created, and applies to both published and unpublished works. As soon as you type words, click the shutter on your camera (or, for many of you, hit the home button on your iPhone), apply paint to canvas or paper or lay down tracks for your next hit, you’ve got a copyright (with some exceptions).
Copyright is an automatic right and does not require the author to file special paperwork, as is the case for trademark and patent.
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That being said... here is my policy:

No modification to any of my photos is allowed.  You may not remove or alter my watermark in any way, shape or form.  That includes blurring, cropping, blacking out, blocking, watermarking over etc.

If you want to post one of my photos or posts from any of my social media sites, you must give me credit-"YLBB" or "Your Lips But Better".  Just using my picture with my watermark is not sufficient. 

Additional information:

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